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Power House LHC

Havasu’s only local informative website all about a house.

Simple navigation so customers can search more than 40 categories of products & services for their home repairs, upgrades, remodels and maintenance.

Provides valued educational tips customers can use every day saving time and money.

No customer registration required, ever.



Social Media Marketing – Facebook ads with informative tips directing users to as well as: will monitor numerous local group pages on Facebook where home owners post request for services or products. Request will be directed to the company category for Facebook Fan Page – Power House business page to build brand loyalty and reach new customers for all companies. Facebook Group – Powerhouse manages the group and markets your company to the group. This group focuses on “Everything for Your Home in One Place”.

Radio – Radio Ads promoting will be airing on the following stations:

Radio Central – KNTR 94.3FM Sports, KVYL 99.9FM Easy Listening, KJJJ 102.3FM Country, KNTR 106.3FM News

Murphy Broadcasting – KRCY 96.7FM, KROCK 100.7FM, KHITS 101.9FM Todays HITS, Kazual 104.5FM

Print – Print advertising promoting will be printed bi monthly in the White Sheets and Ads Pay

Decals – decals will be displayed on participating businesses store fronts, vehicles, realtor signs and more.

Event Trailers – Event Trailers with logos available to service organizations/local events/fund raisers at no cost.


Your Business will display your company logo, contact info and link to your website (if available).

We’ll create and display a short video about your company on the website.

Power House works as a digital referrals club and networking group.


$150 Billed Monthly via credit/debit card


$1600 Billed Yearly via credit/debit card

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