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Advantage Windshield & Glass

It’s no secret, the windshield is one of the most important safety elements of a car. The windshield is meant to create a safer drive for its passengers. It was first created in the mid-to-late 1800’s and was considered a luxury. Later in 1903, it’s partner, the windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson. Despite its modern attributes, the windshield can also be a car owner’s biggest inconvenience.

Windshields are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, they sustain a substantial amount of damage, and they can be difficult to replace. That is why a professional windshield and glass specialist is essential to maintain the health of your windshield. They can assess and repair the damage and file a claim with your insurance company.

The windshield was first made out of normal pane glass, this was until Edouard Benedictus (a French chemist) dropped a glass flask filled with collodion causing the glass to crack instead of shattering into pieces. Later after his discovery, he invented the “Shatter-Resistant Windshield.”

Windshield and glass repair must be handled by a professional windshield and glass repair specialist. This will ensure that the process is as economical and effective as possible.

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