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All About Fencing

All About Fencing has 14 years experience in Lake Havasu City. The company owners are Keven & Rebecca Olds. We provide residential and commercial fencing.

A home or business is the most important investment that someone will ever make. And, these essential investments must be protected. There aren’t many additions that can increase the security and marketability of a building better than an attractive fence. Whether it be border fencing, chain link, wood fencing, wrought iron, vinyl, composite, or concrete block fencing, the options are endless.

With so many options available, how does one choose which fence is best? For example, wrought iron fencing is beautiful and sturdy and highly effective at keeping out intruders. But, it can be costly. Therefore, maybe aluminum fencing is a better fit. Or, maybe the fence is merely decorative and the emphasis is more on the aesthetics. Reliability and durability may be at the top of mind for someone, who needs a working fence, capable of keeping livestock in and vermin out.

Either way, a knowledgeable professional can provide an assessment of each individual need and a recommendation on the best fence. As a multi-faceted addition to the property, fencing needs to be thoughtful and personal. Gone are the days of the simple white picket fence dotting every yard. Our modern society demands more individuality in our choices and that extends to every detail of our lives – including fencing.

3511 Iroquois Dr Lake Havasu City, AZ