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Craig Plumbing

Craig Plumbing is a long-established plumbing business located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We are run by Darin Craig and Chris Olson, who have been serving Arizona residents since 1983. Over the last 34 years, we have worked with many homeowners and small business owners in Lake Havasu City, and have become the “family plumber” to many people, often working with more than one generation of the same household. We also do general inspections and maintenance

We take pride in having a reputation as honest and dependable plumbers. We have built a local business by answering callouts promptly, fixing problems efficiently and quoting affordable, honest prices for the work that we do.

Over the years, we have chosen to stick to the basics. We do general plumbing work for small businesses and homeowners, and we also install fire sprinklers. These are our areas of expertise, and this means that we can do a good job first time, every time.

Tip From Craig Plumbing 

We recommend that all Arizona homeowners get their water pressure tested annually, because overly high water pressure can cause serious problems. If your water pressure is too high, then you might find that your toilet starts to run and your faucets drip. Not only does this mean you are wasting water, it can cause burst pipes in the worst case scenario, leading to your house getting flooded. Water damage restoration work is expensive, and repairing burst pipes can be costly too. If you ever notice a change in water pressure, hear hammering or banging noises, or encounter other problems with your plumbing, it is well worth getting it checked out as early as possible. With luck, the issue will just be with your water pressure regulator or with a specific fixture.

Craig Plumbing 2051 Holly Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403