Goldwater Bank

Having a good bank that you trust and enjoy is important to many people. According to CNN, only 23% of customers, on a global level, believe that their bank is meeting their expectations. That is a surprisingly low number considering how many individuals utilize banks, and do so for more than just their personal banking solutions. Thirty banks make up the largest banking institutions in the United States alone. This number obviously does not include the dozens and dozens of smaller banks and credit unions. Based on those numbers alone, it would seem that somewhere in the mix, there would be a bank that you can trust and enjoy banking with.

Customized financial solutions and customized banking is what many individuals are seeking for their personal banking options. In the growing age of technology, online options are usually on the top of the list of an individual searching for a banking institution. Mobile banking and the ability to pay bills online or on an app is a desirable feature. For individuals who still go into the bank and complete many transactions in person, a pleasurable customer service experience goes above and beyond what many other banking institutions offer.

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