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Lake Havasu Staging Company

As a homebuyer, when you step into a house you want to be able to imagine yourself there. If you step into a home for sale that is clutter with the owner’s personal belongings, including dozens of picture frames of their family and disorganized piles of laundry and toys, it is hard to imagine yourself actually living there. Arguably, the same effect happens if the home is completely empty. It can be hard to imagine how your couch will fit in a space if there is nothing to compare it to. This can be overwhelming for the buyer.

As the seller of an overwhelming house, this is where a home stager comes in and can turn things around. A home stager does work similarly to an interior decorator, by creating a plan for the home with the use of furniture, décor, and color schemes. And if your furniture, décor, and color scheme doesn’t seem to work well from the house, the home stagers can bring their own supplies! The goal of the home stager is to create a space that is inviting but also leaves the interested buyer room to imagine themselves living in that space.

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