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Riverfront Sunscreens

The use of solar window screens is a home feature that every homeowner should look into, especially homeowners in Arizona. Inefficient windows can add 10-25% to the heating bills and up to 75% to summer air conditioning bills! The use of solar window screens can reduce energy costs drastically, which is crucial in Arizona and other desert states. Having a cool living space in the heart of the Arizona summer is ideal for many homeowners, and it can be obtained with solar window screens.
Even energy efficient windows can benefit from solar window screens. These screens can block between 65% and 90% of the suns UV rays (and heat). UV rays are very damaging to curtains and furniture near the window. So, you will not only be cooling down your living space, you will be protecting furniture near the window from those damaging UV rays (and heat).

Even though the blazing summer heat keeps many people indoors during the Arizona summer, many people wish to still spend time outside of their home. Exterior roll down shade systems can be installed into your backyard to cool down and shade your outdoor patio. These systems can be custom made to fit your patio space and make your patio usable during those harsh summer months.

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