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Specializing In Large Format Garages

Why Build A Large Format Garage?

One of the best ways of increasing the amount of functional space on your property is to construct a large format garage.  A large format garage is designed and built to provide ample space where you can park even the largest vehicles including boats, off-road toys, toy-haulers, 5th wheels,  motor homes, and much more! Not only does the added space shelter your prized possessions from natural elements, such structures also provide the much-needed security.

Why Hire Sabre Building Corporation?

The process of constructing such intricate and often times complex structure is never straight forward nor is it as simple as it may seem.  As such,  each project should be given the seriousness it deserves.   This is why property owners hire Sabre Building Corporation, an experienced garage builder,  to ensure  architectural integrity, high-quality workmanship,  quality materials,  and  compliance with all building codes & zoning regulations.

A Costly Endeavor

Adding a large format garage is not a inexpensive endeavor. For many homeowners, building a large format garage will be the second largest expenditure they will make in their lifetime. Homeowners across Lake Havasu City and the entire US are best served by hiring an experienced and skilled professional garage builder. Now, let’s explore the pertinent reasons why every homeowner should hire Sabre Building Corporation for their large format garage project.

#1. Sabre Building Corporation Offers State of the Art Designs – adding a garage to an existing property, whether attached or detached tends to significantly change the shape and looks of the property even more so by the pronounced size of the large format garage. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that the design of the added structure complements the form and appearance of the existing structures. Sabre Building Corporation is experienced in designing large format garages that not only meet your expectations, but also retains the overall property appearance. Saber Building currently has completed 57 large format garage projects in Lake Havasu.

#2. Sabre Understands The Codes and Regulations Involved – There are many local codes, regulations, and home association guidelines that govern the process of adding new structures to existing property. Understanding all the requirements and fulfilling them can be a daunting task for many homeowners. Sabre Building Corporation understands these laws and guidelines owing to their experience in this niche. Sabre Building Corporation is experienced working with building codes, zoning regulations and HOA requirements.

#3. Importance of Managing Such Projects Efficiently & Effectively – Sabre Building Corporation plans the whole project even before starting construction by coordinating with the architectural, engineering, and subcontractor’s teams, all of whom are experienced with large format garage construction. During the designing phase, for example, a roof can be designed to cost $7000 yet that same roof can be designed to cost only $3000 and only an experienced garage builder can pick out the most efficient design.

With Sabre Building Corporation each and every customer receives progress updates as progress is made including photos and consistent communication by phone and email. Once the construction starts, rest assured that Sabre Building’s attention to detail, efficient scheduling and diligent pursuit of perfection will result in a building built to the customer specifications, completed on time, and on budget.

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#4. Hiring a contractor – Always make sure that you hire a contractor who has a professional presence. That includes having a business office with full time staff to monitor your on-site activities. A contractor whose entire business operation consists of a pickup truck and a cell phone does not meet these requirements.  A contractor with a professional presence will provide you with a written contract and drawings that specify in detail what you are going to get for the money you are spending. Above everything else, any construction project is hard enough, add the complexity of constructing a large structure on already improved property increases the challenges even more. That’s why hiring Sabre Building Corporation is the best choice any homeowner can make.

Wrapping it Up Finally, while considering all the above factors, you can appreciate that there is a special kind of peace of mind that comes with hiring Sabre Building Corporation. Sabre offers you a diverse collection of design ideas to meet your needs from detached or attached structures new builds or remodels. Since 2012 Sabre Building Corporation has been the cutting edge of large format garage construction with 57 and counting RV garage projects in Lake Havasu. We have the experience and knowledge to competently design and construct a large format garage. Design elements that have never occurred to pickup truck contractors and home builders are automatic in our large-format garages. Don’t suffer the sour taste of a poorly designed and constructed project when you can simply call the best, Sabre Building Corporation at 928-505-4522  to get you started on the path of a winning and satisfying project. Just drop by their office at 2935 Maricopa Ave, Suite 100 and Experience the Sabre Difference. Nobody Does It Better!

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