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Serrano’s Nursery & Landscaping

Arizona’s unique landscape and exotic foliage has attracted visitors from all over the world for many many years. Despite its arid conditions, Arizona is home to thousands of indigenous plants. These plants highlight the resiliency of life and amazing adaptation abilities of plants.

In order to augment this beauty, there have been many different types of plants brought into Arizona. Because they are transplants, this foliage needs to be maintained in a very unique way. For example, vincas in Arizona need different soil, watering, and sunlight exposure in Arizona than in other parts of the country.

A landscape specialist will be able to provide even the most seasoned gardener with tips on planting and extending the life of any plants. By helping a home or business owner design an outdoor space, a specialist at a nursery can help create a specific ambiance. As living things, plants and flowers can help to enhance the property owner’s quality of life. However, they can be fragile and expensive when not maintained properly. That is why employing the help of a nursery and landscape specialist is important when designing any outdoor space.

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